with Mr. Hector Morales

(all Grades)

Making music allows students to have fun while they learn the basics of rhythm, tempo, melody and pitch.

Using percussive instruments and their bodies, hands, feet and breath students explore the various qualities of music. They learn the basics like knowing

when to stop and start, how to handle the instruments before, during, and after playing and how to watch and follow the conductor.

The students also collaborate to write songs and perform them as a group in several showcases throughout the school year.


with Fred Collins, Luanne Dietrich, and Dan Evans

(Grades K & 1)

This fun residency brings to life techniques of clowning and physical comedy. It promotes physical education, gross motor skills and improved hand/eye coordination

as well as skills such as tumbling, comedy and improvisation. Students learn the different types of clown character (bossy clown, sad clown, silly clown)

and develop their own individual clown characters. The program promotes freedom of expression and creativity.

Families and students laugh with delight at the excitement and enthusiasm of the clowns at the final performance.


with Dorothy James

(Grade 2)

In this residency, students create their own papier-mâché puppets to use in an original performance. They design, sculpt and paint their puppets in order to create distinct,

recognizable characters that come alive through costumes, props, shapes of features and expressions. The class writes a script and begins the puppet show production.

In the rehearsal and performance process, the class is encouraged to build vocal projection and theater skills.


with Aurelio DelMuro

(Grades 1 & 2)

Students explore questions like: What does abstract art mean? How is it different from other art?

By using geometry, spatial relationships and color fields instead of literal representations, students show their ideas and feelings.

While practicing the techniques of collage, painting and drawing they learn about balancing composition and space.

Music and works by famous artists such as Jackson Pollock and Vincent van Gogh inspire their pieces.

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