Guided Tour

Welcome to Public School 170X!

It's great to see you! Come on in and let the students of Class 1-309 show you around and

introduce you to some of the places and people here in the school we love. Let's go!

Open the front door to be greeted by our fabulous

Security Agent, Ms. C!

Continue across the hall to our beautiful lunchroom,

staffed by a crew of caring individuals:

Let's head upstairs to the main office where we'll meet...

Our Parent Coordinator, Maritza Zapata

and our School Principal, Ms. Acevedo

Just next door you'll find our state-of-the-art dance studio and our dance teacher, Ms. Wechter!

Up on the third floor, you'll find our school library

and our "Queen of Reading", Ms. Web the librarian

Also on the third floor, you'll find the place to be if you're not feeling your best...

the office of our school nurse, Ms. Cherian.

...and floating around the building at any time are some more of our favorite teachers...

It's time for some cool experiments in science

with our funny friend Ms. Mathis!

We can express our creativity

with our wonderful art teacher, Ms. Bordes...

...or make some funky music

with our music teaching artist, Mr. Hector!

Also around whenever and wherever we need him is Mr. Donald, our custodian.

And the last stop on our tour is our home away from home, our favorite place, our classroom...

and the fantastic teacher we love, Ms. P!

Well, thanks for stopping by!

We hope you'll come visit us at our school soon to see all the great things

that are happening here for yourself!

Written and created by Ms. Perdomo & Class 1-309. Photographed and assembled by Ms. Wechter.