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PS 170's partnership with Asphalt Green began in the 2013 and has since been providing our second grade students with high-quality, no-cost swimming instruction at the New Settlement Community Center.  We participate in their "Waterproofing" program through which all of our second graders receive 35 weeks of swim instruction throughout the school year and are then invited to participate in their culminating event "The Big Swim" where they are given the opportunity to race against their peers from throughout the city.  All students leave the program with varying degrees of swim competency but are all able to keep safe in water, an extremely important life skill for any kid.  It is great fun and provides students with additional physical fitness opportunities as well!

This year's swim schedule is:
2-310 (Hinton): Wednesdays
2-312 (Spencer) & 2-314 (Perez):  Fridays

     Click below to check out Asphalt Green's website for more information on Waterproofing and their various other fantastic programs.

Click an arrow below to download this year's swim fact sheet for parents in English or Spanish
Amanda Sloan,
Sep 18, 2019, 6:17 AM